cuando el manco eche dedos

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cuando el manco eche dedos
when pigs fly
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Phonetic: "/ʍɛn/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The time at which something happens.

Example: A good article will cover the who, the what, the when, the where, the why and the how.

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Phonetic: "/ʍɛn/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: (interrogative) At what time? At which time? Upon which occasion or circumstance? Used to introduce direct or indirect questions about time.

Example: Do you know when they arrived?

Definition: At an earlier time and under different, usually less favorable, circumstances.

Example: He's mister high and mighty now, but I remember him when.

Definition: (relative) At which, on which, during which: often omitted or replaced with that.

Example: That was the day when the Twin Towers fell.

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Phonetic: "/ʍɛn/"

Part Of Speech: pronoun

Definition: (interrogative) What time; which time.

Example: Since when do I need your permission?

Definition: The time that.

Example: I recall when they were called the Greys.

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Phonetic: "/ʍɛn/"

Part Of Speech: conjunction

Definition: At (or as soon as) that time that; at the (or any and every) time that; if.

Example: A player wins when [as soon as, or at any time that, if] she has four cards of the same suit.

Definition: During the time that; at the time of the action of the following clause or participle phrase.

Example: Be careful when crossing the street.

Definition: At what time; at which time.

Example: I am here till Friday, when [i.e. at which time] I leave for Senegal.

Definition: Since; given the fact that; considering that.

Example: I don't see the point of putting up Christmas decorations when I am the only person who is going to see them.

Definition: Whereas; although; at the same time as; in spite of the fact that.

Example: He keeps changing things when the existing system works perfectly well.

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Phonetic: "/ʍɛn/"

Part Of Speech: interjection

Definition: That's enough, a command to stop adding something, especially an ingredient of food or drink.

Definition: Expressing impatience. (Compare what.)

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Phonetic: "/pɪɡz/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Any of several intelligent mammalian species of the genus Sus, having cloven hooves, bristles and a nose adapted for digging; especially the domesticated animal Sus scrofa.

Example: The man kept a pen with two pigs that he fed from carrots to cabbage.

Definition: (specifically) A young swine, a piglet (contrasted with a hog, an adult swine).

Definition: The edible meat of such an animal; pork.

Example: Some religions prohibit their adherents from eating pig.

Definition: A light pinkish-red colour, like that of a pig (also called pig pink).

Definition: Someone who overeats or eats rapidly and noisily.

Example: You gluttonous pig! Now that you've eaten all the cupcakes, there will be none for the party!

Definition: A lecherous or sexist man.

Example: She considered him a pig as he invariably stared at her bosom when they talked.

Definition: A dirty or slovenly person.

Example: He was a pig and his apartment a pigpen; take-away containers and pizza boxes in a long, moldy stream lined his counter tops.

Definition: A very obese person.

Definition: A police officer.

Example: The protester shouted, “Don't give in to the pigs!” as he was arrested.

Definition: A difficult problem.

Example: Hrm... this one's a real pig: I've been banging my head against the wall over it for hours!

Definition: A block of cast metal.

Example: After the ill-advised trade, the investor was stuck with worthless options for 10,000 tons of iron pig.

Definition: The mold in which a block of metal is cast.

Example: The pig was cracked, and molten metal was oozing from the side.

Definition: A device for cleaning or inspecting the inside of an oil or gas pipeline, or for separating different substances within the pipeline. Named for the pig-like squealing noise made by their progress.

Example: Unfortunately, the pig sent to clear the obstruction got lodged in a tight bend, adding to the problem.

Definition: The general-purpose M60 machine gun, considered to be heavy and bulky.

Example: Unfortunately, the M60 is about twenty-four pounds and is very unbalanced. You try carrying the pig around the jungle and see how you feel.

Definition: A simple dice game in which players roll the dice as many times as they like, either accumulating a greater score or losing previous points gained.

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Phonetic: "/pɪɡz/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: (of swine) to give birth.

Example: The black sow pigged at seven this morning.

Definition: To greedily consume (especially food).

Example: They were pigging on the free food at the bar.

Definition: To huddle or lie together like pigs, in one bed.

Definition: To clean (a pipeline) using a pig (the device).

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Phonetic: "/pɪɡz/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Earthenware, or an earthenware shard

Definition: An earthenware hot-water jar to warm a bed; a stone bed warmer

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Phonetic: "/flaɪ/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Any insect of the order Diptera; characterized by having two wings (except for some wingless species), also called true flies.

Definition: (non-technical) Especially, any of the insects of the family Muscidae, such as the common housefly (other families of Diptera include mosquitoes and midges).

Definition: Any similar, but unrelated insect such as dragonfly or butterfly.

Definition: A lightweight fishing lure resembling an insect.

Definition: A chest exercise performed by moving extended arms from the sides to in front of the chest. (also flye)

Definition: A witch's familiar.

Definition: A parasite.

Definition: The butterfly stroke (plural is normally flys)

Definition: (preceded by definite article) A simple dance in which the hands are shaken in the air, popular in the 1960s.

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