a las cuatro en punto

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a las cuatro en punto
at four oclock sharp
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Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To reply to or talk to someone, either online or face-to-face. (from the practice of targeting a message or reply to someone online by writing @name)

Example: Cars 2 is the most influential film of all time. Don't @ me.

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Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The at sign (@).

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Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: In, near, or in the general vicinity of a particular place.

Example: Caesar was at Rome;  at the corner of Fourth Street and Vine;  at Jim’s house

Definition: (indicating time) Indicating occurrence in an instant of time or a period of time relatively short in context or from the speaker's perspective.

Example: at six o’clock;  at closing time;  at night.

Definition: In the direction of (often in an unfocused or uncaring manner).

Example: He threw the ball at me.  He shouted at her.

Definition: Denotes a price.

Example: 3 apples at 2¢ (each)   The offer was at $30,000 before negotiations.

Definition: Occupied in (activity).

Example: men at work

Definition: In a state of.

Example: She is at sixes and sevens with him.  They are at loggerheads over how best to tackle the fiscal cliff.  The city was at the mercy of the occupying forces.

Definition: Indicates a position on a scale or in a series.

Example: Sell at 90.  Tiger finished the round at tenth, seven strokes behind the leaders.  I'm offering it—just to select customers—at cost.

Definition: Because of.

Example: to laugh at a joke   mad at their comments

Definition: Indicates a means, method, or manner.

Definition: Holding a given speed or rate.

Example: It is growing at the rate of 3% a year.  Cruising along at fifty miles per hour.

Definition: (used for skills (including in activities) or areas of knowledge) On the subject of; regarding.

Example: He slipped at marksmanship over his extended vacation.

Definition: (stressed pronunciation) Bothering, irritating, causing discomfort to

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Phonetic: "/foː/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The digit or figure 4; an occurrence thereof.

Definition: Anything measuring four units, as length.

Example: Do you have any more fours? I want to make this a little taller.

Definition: A person who is four years old.

Example: I'll take the threes, fours and fives and go to the playground.

Definition: An event in which the batsmen run four times between the wickets or, more often, a batsman hits a ball which bounces on the ground before passing over a boundary, resulting in an award of 4 runs for the batting team. If the ball does not bounce before passing over the boundary, a six is awarded instead.

Definition: A power forward.

Definition: Four-man sweep racing shell, with or without a coxswain.

Definition: A four-pennyworth of spirits.

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Phonetic: "/foː/"

Part Of Speech: numeral

Definition: A numerical value equal to 4; the number after three and before five; two plus two. This many dots (••••)

Example: There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Definition: Describing a set or group with four elements.

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The symbol ♯, placed after the name of a note in the key signature or before a note on the staff to indicate that the note is to be played a semitone higher.

Example: The pitch pipe sounded out a perfect F♯ (F sharp).

Definition: A note that is played a semitone higher than usual; denoted by the name of the note that is followed by the symbol ♯.

Definition: A note that is sharp in a particular key.

Example: The piece was difficult to read after it had been transposed, since in the new key many notes were sharps.

Definition: The scale having a particular sharp note as its tonic.

Example: Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" is written in C♯ minor (C sharp minor.)

Definition: (usually in the plural) Something that is sharp.

Example: Place sharps in the specially marked red container for safe disposal.

Definition: A dishonest person; a cheater.

Example: The casino kept in the break room a set of pictures of known sharps for the bouncers to see.

Definition: Part of a stream where the water runs very rapidly.

Definition: A sewing needle with a very slender point, more pointed than a blunt or a between.

Definition: (in the plural) Fine particles of husk mixed with coarse particle of flour of cereals; middlings.

Definition: An expert.

Definition: A sharpie (member of Australian gangs of the 1960s and 1970s).

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To raise the pitch of a note half a step making a natural note a sharp.

Example: That new musician must be tone deaf: he sharped half the notes of the song!

Definition: To play tricks in bargaining; to act the sharper.

Definition: To sharpen.

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Terminating in a point or edge, especially one that can cut easily; not obtuse or rounded.

Example: A face with sharp features

Definition: Intelligent.

Example: My nephew is a sharp lad; he can count to 100 in six languages, and he's only five years old.

Definition: Higher than usual by one semitone (denoted by the symbol ♯ after the name of the note).

Definition: Higher in pitch than required.

Example: The orchestra's third violin several times was sharp about an eighth of a tone.

Definition: Having an intense, acrid flavour.

Example: Milly couldn't stand sharp cheeses when she was pregnant, because they made her nauseated.

Definition: Sudden and intense.

Example: A pregnant woman during labor normally experiences a number of sharp contractions.

Definition: Illegal or dishonest.

Example: Michael had a number of sharp ventures that he kept off the books.

Definition: Keenly or unduly attentive to one's own interests; shrewd.

Example: a sharp dealer;  a sharp customer

Definition: Exact, precise, accurate; keen.

Example: You'll need sharp aim to make that shot.

Definition: Offensive, critical, or acrimonious.

Example: When the two rivals met, first there were sharp words, and then a fight broke out.

Definition: Stylish or attractive.

Example: You look so sharp in that tuxedo!

Definition: Observant; alert; acute.

Example: Keep a sharp watch on the prisoners. I don't want them to escape!

Definition: Forming a small angle; especially, forming an angle of less than ninety degrees.

Example: Drive down Main for three quarters of a mile, then make a sharp right turn onto Pine.

Definition: Steep; precipitous; abrupt.

Example: a sharp ascent or descent; a sharp turn or curve

Definition: (of a statement) Said of as extreme a value as possible.

Example: Sure, any planar graph can be five-colored. But that result is not sharp: in fact, any planar graph can be four-colored. That is sharp: the same can't be said for any lower number.

Definition: Tactical; risky.

Definition: Piercing; keen; severe; painful.

Example: a sharp pain; the sharp and frosty winter air

Definition: Eager or keen in pursuit; impatient for gratification.

Example: a sharp appetite

Definition: Fierce; ardent; fiery; violent; impetuous.

Definition: Composed of hard, angular grains; gritty.

Definition: Uttered in a whisper, or with the breath alone; aspirated; unvoiced.

Definition: Hungry.

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: To a point or edge; piercingly; eagerly; sharply.

Definition: (notcomp) Exactly.

Example: I'll see you at twelve o'clock sharp.

Definition: In a higher pitch than is correct or desirable.

Example: I didn't enjoy the concert much because the tenor kept going sharp on the high notes.

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